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Status Update

Sorry to have died activity-wise. It's been a chaotic year. Just this month, I got a really awful concussion (unfortunately making it impossible for me to participate in Inceptiversary), my laptop broke (again), and the police accidentally broke into my apartment . It's been wild. As I posted on my fic tumblr, I've made a better list of my upcoming fic projects and what they entail. I hope to finish most if not all of them by September.

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"Everything outside of time is cold."

I just finished watching Byzantium last night and really enjoyed it - more than I expected to, in all honesty. I'd watched it for Gemma Arterton (and Jonny Lee Miller shows up, unexpectedly, in a tragic wig), but the plot is really interesting. I thought the ideas of mother-daughter relationships and identity in literature were particularly compelling. It also occurred to me earlier that I haven't really seen many vampire films. I think the only other vampire movie I've seen is the 1931 Dracula film with Bela Lugosi. I remember reading a review of Stoker that classified that film as a "vampire movie without the vampires," or something along those lines, and that seems pretty accurate. So Dracula (and maybe Stoker) are all I have in terms of previous experience in the genre.

I got an anthology of vampire stories as a birthday gift that I've yet to dig into. I've put a picture of it under the cut in case anyone is reading this would like to see, because the jacket illustration is done by Edward Gorey.

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In other news, my brother left for university. I'm too sick to accompany my mom to officially drop him off. One of my other little brothers is sick, too, so I made him sit with me through an emotionally charged and equally ridiculous shark week program. It's either from this really bad cold or the really strong meds, but I've been having weird dreams lately. They would prove useful, maybe, if I wasn't viewing them through a feverish haze. For example, when I was dozing before I had to get up and help send my brother off, I had a dream that was kind of like a film short. Narcissus was that one kid we all know who keeps posting selfies. And Echo was that one sad girl who keeps liking all those photos on facebook.

That's all from me. I've got ~1,000 words of the Inception!Pacific Rim fic hammered out, with an additional-but-probably-to-be-scrapped 1,200 words of backstory/establishing the Inception team as plausibly in the PR world as possible.

That's all I have to report. I'm counting down the days til I can go back to my university.

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Films watched, Concerts attended, and Cities visited under the cut.

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I've been inactive because I stupidly forgot which email I used to hook up this account. I did just submit the Performance Theory paper, so I have way more time now to work on fics, read for leisure. Isn't that exciting?

How did Livejournal manage another dramatic change in the few weeks I've been gone?

So I'm working on the three Inception fics, the brief Hannibal thing, and I've begun to conceptually sketch out a Pacific Rim/Inception AU as a present for a friend.

Also, I've gotten the OK to explore Angela Carter as a thesis topic. I'm really, really excited and terrified for the upcoming year.


This journal's a bit blank at the moment because I'm still working on the fics I'm writing. This is where I'll talk about and publish them, as well as annotated write-ups of any fanmixes I publish to 8tracks. My bio's a bit barren as well right now, but if you want to learn more about me, feel free to check out my tumblr.

I'm currently working on:

  • An AU in which Ariadne, Arthur, and Eames are interns at an art museum

  • a fic in which the team have a job/experiment in Las Vegas (inspired partially by Now You See Me)

  • a fic response to this brilliant prompt.

  • a mix for Henley from Now You See Me

Hello, hello, hello!

I've made a livejournal to post my fics and mixes. So far I have two inception fics, and one Now You See Me mix in the works and I am so damn excited about them. My previous journal is intheattempt. I wanted a fresh start and to change my name without the thirty dollar fee.

I'll be in touch. xx v